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“Why did it have to be snakes?”

“Since we started this podcast, I have been talking repeatedly about my desire for there to be more lower budget, experimental, thought provoking, and thoughtful productions.” David calls this game “the black box theatre” of escape rooms, while REA Patron Dan Egnor called it “the best room in the world in awesomeness per square foot.”

You’ve probably never played this room, or even heard about it, but David and I love this room so much that we dedicated 90 minutes to thoroughly dissecting and reliving The Ghost of Mentryville. Creator Matt Tye of Arcane Escape Room in Newhall, CA joins us to share his design and thought process behind this brilliant game.

Hero image for spoilers club ghost of Mentryville. image of wooden crate painted black with a gold snake painted

In this preview, Matt talks about how difficult it is to run this game, especially for the gamemaster, who is operating as a performer, gamemaster, and audio/ visual technician, all within the confines of a very small space. 

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