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Country: Croatia 🇭🇷

Language: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish, Italian

Type of Game: Video Escape Game 📱

Date Played: October 5, 2023

Difficulty (based on 1 player): 5/10

Size of Team:  Unlimited (Recommended 2-3 ppl)


Escape Simulator has many mini escape rooms with various themes that people often see in escape rooms, such as space, Egyptian, or a treasure island. The theme of each game is different, but the main objective is escaping from the room. Most of them don’t have much detailed story.

Escape Simulator also contains the tools to develop an escape room. You can build your escape room. You can play the escape rooms created by game builders in the Escape Simulator community. Their escape rooms have unique stories, themes, and puzzles.

Video above is property of Pine Studio


I love the design and graphics of the entire game. The decor of each room is different depending on the theme, but all look attractive and intriguing. When my avatar enters a room, I always have a moment to say, “Wow!” just like when I step into an escape room. I enjoy playing games with my own cute avatar that I can decorate.

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The console of the game is Steam. You must install Steam on your computer, and you can purchase the game on Steam.

You can control your avatar to play an escape room in Escape Simulator. Your avatar can explore the room, pick up things, zoom up the things to get information, or put things in certain places to solve puzzles. The tutorial game is available to learn how to control the avatar.

If you play with your friends remotely, your friends must have Escape Simulator on their computers. One of your team members can create and send an invitation code to play the game together in the same game room.

Photos above are property of Pine Studio


The types of puzzles can be different depending on the game. As for the game created by Pine Studio, the puzzles are usually something like what you encounter in escape rooms. Because an avatar can explore a room freely and do many tasks to solve puzzles, Escape Simulator captures the essence of an actual escape room, unlike point-n-click puzzle games. Although the game has various language options, the puzzles developed by Pine Studio are more physical puzzles that require logical thinking using items or information found in the room rather than word puzzles or pencil puzzles. Inside the game room, there is a hint button to receive step-by-step hints if you need them. The puzzles created by the builders in the community can be varied.

Photos above are property of Pine Studio


Escape Simulator” is an escape game platform that contains many exciting escape rooms with various themes on Steam. By controlling your avatar, you can experience a game like an escape room you play in real life. It is accessible to unique games at home anytime you desire. Pine Studio often updates content. Plenty of games developed by Pine Studio and the room builders in the community are available. There is a list of popular games monthly or annually selected in the community section of Escape Simulator. I recommend playing those popular games once you finish the standard rooms by Pine Studio. Or you can have fun creating your unique escape rooms using Escape Simulator!

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