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“For new listeners, we hope it will be a great introduction to what the podcast is all about, and for our regular listeners, a reminder of the most interesting and impactful moments from Season 6.”

Already missing REPOD? Don’t worry, Season 7 of the podcast is launching very soon. In the meantime, our editor, Steve Ewing, put together some of his favorite clips from each episode of Season 6.

In Season 6, we interviewed a few guests with ties to the puzzle hunt world, including TERPECA founder Rich Bragg, puzzle constructor Eric Berlin, and Chief Puzzle Officer Greg Pliska, of A.J. Jacobs’s The Puzzler Podcast.

We also explored unusual gameplay and immersive concepts with guests who are experimenting and innovating with their projects, including Christian Vernon and Zac MacKrell, creators of the replayable Doors of Divergence and Kellian and Brian Pletcher, creators of Club Drosselmeyer— an immersive, puzzling swing dance party. Plus Eric Wastl invented The Advent of Code, an advent calendar full of programming puzzles, and Lonnie Hanzon explained the intent behind his set designs at Camp Christmas.

hero image for Season 6 Key moments of REPOD. background of antique keys hanging, image of a man with salt and pepper hair, wearing sunglasses, looking up with a wide mouth grin. Bottom says "editor's choice by steve ewing".

We covered some fan favorite escape rooms, interviewing Summer Herrick of Locurio, Marie Huber and Nico César of Red Fox Escapes, and Mike Dold and Rick George of Doldrick’s. What I especially loved about these guests was how they explained the thought process behind their design decisions.

In our interview with Christine Barger we talk more about effective social media marketing than escape room design. She actively encourages guests to film in her game!

Season 6 also included episodes which were a departure from our normal interview style episodes, including my Halloween Spooktacular filled with games and stories, and hosting the hilarious crew from Hey Riddle Riddle to play through Shop of Theseus, our audio escape room from RECON 23.

If you want even more podcast episodes, consider joining our Patreon. For only $5 a month, you’ll get access to our Bonus Aftershow, which is a more casual conversation with each guest.

We are immensely grateful to our sponsors this season: Morty App, Buzzshot, and COGS. We truly appreciate your support of our mission to promote and improve the immersive gaming community.


Morty is a free app for discovering, planning, tracking, and reviewing your escape rooms and other immersive social outings.

Morty News:

  • Morty now features haunt attractions!
  • Morty for Android is here and in public beta.

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Buzzshot is Escape Room Software, Powering Business Growth, Player Marketing, and improving the Customer Experience. They offer an assortment of pre and post game features including robust waiver management, branded team photos, and streamlined review management for Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and Morty. Buzzshot now has integration with the other REPOD sponsors: Morty and COGS.

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COGS by Clockwork Dog is an easy to use software/ hardware platform for running interactive events, including escape rooms, and other immersive experiences. They have plug & play hardware that seamlessly integrates with their software so you can create a show with lighting and sound cues without having to write a single line of code. Map all kinds of inputs to outputs by building up simple logic steps which determine what you want to happen and when.

Special Offer for REPOD Listeners:

REPOD listeners can get the COGS Starter Set for only $130 + free shipping to the USA. This bundle is usually valued at $257. You can learn more and purchase your Starter Set at cogs.show. Use code REPOD at checkout.

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