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Smart Podcast Trashy Books Romantic Times RewindWe’re traveling back to April 2006 in this month’s RT Rewind!

We discuss the evolving cover art for the Immortals After Dark series and style changes in illustrated covers. We also talk about

  • Well water adventures
  • Author photo? MUST be leaning
  • A contest made of author prom photos
  • Many predecessors to GoodReads
  • A book from 1991, promoted in 2006, made into a movie in 2022.

And a FULL PAGE of Mr. Romance.

When I start talking about Redeeming Love, massive trigger warning and content warning, just a giant pile of YIKES. The book summary begins at 35:20.

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Age Matters

Support for this episode comes from Age Matters by Enjelicious!

A hopeless romantic and a reclusive billionaire rewrite the rules of friendship, love, and work in graphic novel version of the hit WEBTOON series, Age Matters.

Age Matters follows 29-year-old Rose Choi as she tries to pick up her life after her ex-boyfriend cheated on, and then dumped her. In need of employment, she takes over her best friend’s odd job to cook and deliver meals to a mysterious boss. This boss turns out to be the 23-year-old CEO of Lime, Daniel Yoon. She finds him too abrasive while he finds her too desperate, but they eventually learn to get along with each other . . . and fall for each other.

This edition collects episodes 1-15 of the WEBTOON, which has over 3.6M subscribers, and more than 390 million reads!

If you love an addictive, slow-burn romance this one’s for you–and right in time for Valentine’s Day. Publishers Weekly calls it “charming” and says it’s got “plenty of romantic heat.”

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